When the day came

Sitting here it's still a bit hard to write about it. Not because I was upset about it, or that I wasn't expecting it, but because I am not sure I am ready for the pity that is bound to follow something like this. I've been able to deal with it fairly well in the last week simply because I was able to choose who to tell and I was just too busy to stop and think about what happened. Now, though, I am approaching my first week where I am going to have to face the facts and learn to deal with it straight on. I am going to realize what happened and adjust my life accordingly.

I was laid off my full time job last Thursday.

6 months before my wedding, well over 1 year before I was planning on going full time with my photography business.

Am I upset? Not particularly. I hated this job. Now that I don't work there anymore I can tell you, I worked at a law firm. Not the even remotely interesting type where you get to be involved in interesting cases. This one was for Foreclosures, Bankruptcies and Evictions. However, it paid the bills and I absolutely loved most of the people I worked with. That's the hardest part for me, I think. Not even the money and benefits I will miss out on, but the people I spent almost 4 years connecting with.

Thankfully, I am absolutely cheap when it comes to life so when we purchased our home, we did it with one salary in mind. So even with a wedding that we pay for mostly ourselves, bills and a mortgage payment, we are going to be just fine.

Instead of jumping head first into another job I am bound to dislike, I am taking this time to fully invest myself into my business. I have already connected with other photographers, mainly Alex Rymarquis, who has taught me more than art school has in just a few days and am doing things I haven't had time to do before.

So, without going any deeper into this than I already have, in short: We are going to be a-ok. I have actually been busier than I was before when I had a full time job!

At this point, I just have one request: If you know anyone who needs Family, Senior, Engagement or Wedding Photos taken, please refer them to me. Anything else in mind that you need a Photographer for? Send me an e-mail and we can talk about it. I can travel to Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton and anywhere in between.

This is my passion and my dream and I believe whole heartedly in it.