What to Wear - Fall Engagement Shoot

We’re having our Engagement Pictures taken this weekend so I thought I’d share my tips on how to dress for an Engagement Shoot. I often get questions from clients on this topic and some are really quite lost when it comes to choosing one or two outfits to wear. After all, a lot of people will probably see you in that outfit so there is some pressure to look good but be yourself at the same time.

We still haven’t finalized our picks for Saturday but this is what we've been inspired by. Especially now during Fall Season, I am loving warm, neutral color combos. I usually shy away from patterns as they tend to take over the picture and distract from the faces. I am a simple girl so simple outfits it is. Add some fun with accessories and multiple layers and you can easily turn one outfit into two (or three!)

Fall Engagement Shoot - versatile girl
See how many outfits we can get out of just a couple pieces? Add some statement jewelry or a scarf and it will change up your entire appearance.
Though I personally don’t care, most of my clients prefer not to strip down to their undies to change outfits in the middle of a park so layering and versatile outfits is really the key here. Losing a layer or exchanging a cardigan for a jacket or sweater is just as refreshing and can liven up a shoot.
My tip: Stick with a base and build from there. Sure it's nice to have a fancy and a casual look, but sometimes, simple really does it. Plus, your aunt Beth won't notice you wore the same shoes throughout the shoot. Or maybe she does, but who really cares? It's all about you anyways!
And guys? That goes for you as well. I know you think everyone looks at the future bride but if she changes up an outfit, join her!