What I learned - Ollie's 1st Week

Ollie-010 Yesterday marked Ollie being with us for one whole week. So how are we doing? Honestly, I can't believe it's only been a week, and not in a good way. Don't get me wrong, I love this little guy and it was a great decision to add him to our family. There are, however, some facts about puppies I have come to realize:

1. They chew. On everything. And eat it for that matter. I'm thinking I might be ready for a half marathon after a bit more time with him. That's how much I have been sprinting after him trying to pry something out of his mouth. Doing so only partially successful, might I add.

2. They poop. A lot. And if they do happen to have an accident in the house, it's on the carpet. Not the hardwood or vinyl flooring right next to it. Would be too easy to clean up otherwise. Duh!

3. They cry when they have to go into the cage while you're racing to Kroger and back. And by cry, I mean an ear piercing, "I-am-going-to-die-a-horrible-death-please-don't-leave-me-alone!" cry. It's just to make you feel like the most horrible person on earth, even if you're home and playing with them 23 hours/day.

4. The cat isn't so fond of being chased, even if it's for play. I've found myself in the middle of an intense hissing and barking "play" far too many times in the last 7 days.

5. To reiterate #2, they poop. So do yourself a favor and switch their food gradually. And by that I mean one little piece at a time. Or else be prepared for the worst.


There are, however some seriously good facts about puppies:

1. They love you. Unconditionally and immediately. Coming home is suddenly super exciting (+ terrifying, depending on #2 above). Yes, my cat loves me and does come to the door when I get home, but Ollie gets batsh** crazy.

2. They make you laugh. When puppies don't rob you of your last nerve, they can be pretty hilarious with their stumbling, funny sleeping sounds and more.

3. They never leave you alone. Which can be a bad thing, I guess, but I personally love having animals around me, snuggling up to me and loving on me.

4. They sleep a lot. Especially when you play and walk with them a lot. Just not when you're sleeping.

5. They're puppies. Fluffy, little puppies. Enough said.