Weddings are expensive, y’all!

I’m sure fellow brides have been there: You make a budget and pinky swear to stick to it, no matter what. Well, I don’t think I really grasped how much weddings cost. I’m lucky I live in Cincinnati where I can get an amazing caterer and still keep my firstborn child and still I am just drowning in numbers. How do people pay for all of this?

We already made some sacrifices and cut a lot of things out that weren’t important to us but dang! Sh** cray cray!

In retrospect, we got lucky on a lot of the normally big ticket items such as Flowers (paid for my Luke’s mom), dress (my parents), photographer and band so I really shouldn’t complain. But who knew that votive candles where that much money?! Ok, bad example but I hope you get my point here. It’s the unexpected, the stuff you didn’t think about before. Yes, people need food, but they also need utensils (at least, they usually do) and that stuff costs!

But then again, it’s all worth it in the end, right? I sure hope so because I am getting sick of eating Ramen Noodles every night.