Wedding Update - 9 months + counting!

I thought it’d be a great idea to check in and give some updates on our wedding this coming October.

We got a pretty good start a while back and already had our ceremony and reception site,  photographer and wedding rings well over a year in advance. We also got lucky as Luke’s mom is a horticulturist and will handle our flowers, we just have to pick them out still.

Now that it’s less than 9 months before the big day, we’re in the progress of picking our caterer and selecting outfits for the bridal party. It’s all coming together rather well, I still can’t help but panic every now and then. I am glad wedding season is starting early for me this year with a beautiful wedding in February.

I do have one beef, though, and that is vendors not getting back to me within 24 hours. Often, not even 48! As a wedding vendor myself I find it so important to respond to potential clients within 24 hours, often less than that. Being a bride, I know what a stressful time this can be and I want at least the photography part of their day to be easy as pie. I guess not all vendors share this belief. If I have to e-mail or call you twice and still don’t get a response, you better hope I *really* want you, or else I am moving on. It’s just a frustrating part of planning a wedding.

Apart from the above, really everything else is going great. I have a DIY day planned with a couple ladies early February and hope to get most of the decorations done that day. I am in the final stages of designing the invites (Save the Dates went out a while back due to some guests living overseas), my dress has been ordered and we’re trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon – all inclusive please!

I promise to share exact details of everything after the wedding – including photos, of course!