Travel Photography Tips : How I photographed Europe

Janne_Photography-002 My number one prerogative for this trip was to pack as lightly as possible. In the end, I managed to travel Europe (in the Winter) for 2 weeks with only a Carry On. But that's not what I want to talk about today. So let's focus on the photography part of my trip and some Travel Photography Tips! I knew from the start that bringing my camera was going to be a no brainer, which meant I would be adding a few pounds to my travel routine. Not bringing my Mark III wasn't an option, though, so off I went with a camera bag almost heavier than my carry on. The above picture is exactly what I carried whenever I was out and about photographing:

Canon Mark III Camera Body + Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens alongside a simple cross body purse from Target.

That's it. I had read up on a lot of travel photographers' recommendations as to what to bring lens wise, but ultimately decided not to schlepp around my wide angle lens. Sure, sometimes it was difficult getting the entire building in one shot, but I made it work. It also forced me to be a bit creative and not just take the regular tourist shots. I can get those off google anytime I want, so what's the point?

I also left my flash at home - the one thing I actually regretted not bringing. Not sure why, but in the last second I took it out of my bag. Of course, I didn't need it for Paris or outdoor shots in general, but since I was with family, and a lot of the moments I wanted to capture were at night and inside, I do feel like I missed out on a couple shots. Now, the Mark III does an incredible job capturing everything in super low light, but I didn't want to crank up the ISO too much either. So next time, I will definitely bring my flash along.

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Do you have any Travel Photography Tips? I'd love to hear them!