Taking Time Off

Owl-Mug-Cactus-Plant-SickIf you work from home, you can relate to this post. It's really tough to step away from the office and take some time off. My "office hours" technically don't exist, which makes it even harder to shut down at night. Luke knows all too well when I dash upstairs in the middle of a movie, that it's most likely because I got a client e-mail. Or I'm looking for the cat. I'm not saying it's ok (the dashing off for e-mails... pretty sure looking for a cat is always justified) but I just can't help myself.

Except the past few days, I've had to seriously take some time off. Just like seemingly everyone else in the atmosphere, I have come down with a nasty cold. The first few days I've tried to persevere and continue my work, but it became clear pretty quickly that my body needed to rest. Yes, I work in my pajama pants most of the time and have a cat on my lap for the majority of the day, but that doesn't mean I have an easy job. Running your own business takes a lot of work, especially during Tax Season! Not only that, but I want to provide my clients with the best service possible, and I can't do that with a stuffy brain. Taking time off is so SO important and I'm glad my body reminded me of that.

So while the rest of the city is trying to shovel itself out of yet another snow + ice storm, I will spend the next few days in bed watching Once Upon a Time with tissues stuffed up my nose. Here's to the good life!

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