The Power of Social Media


  social-media-for-photographersI recently launched a little thing called "Janne Photography Bride" - it's a Facebook group for all my past and current brides to chat about weddings and life and to offer advice. One thing I always wished was available to me as I was planning my own wedding. I got the idea from Katelyn James, another photographer and I loved it so much I just had to create something like it for my brides. It's still fairly new but I love seeing my brides already ask questions about hair dressers and just offering help in general. As a previous bride myself, I often found myself lost in the mountain of wedding blogs out there. I was yearning for somebody who was going through the same things as I was or had just been there. Even if it helps just one bride! I run my business the way I would want to be treated as a bride, so I only want the best of the best for my clients!

Alongside it, I also started the hashtag #jpbride for all social media outlets. By using the hashtag when posting photos to Instagram, they all pull into one folder, so to speak, which can be accessed quickly to see all images with the same hashtag. I love seeing what my couples are up to before and after the wedding and this is a great way to all keep in touch! On top of that, Social Media for Photographers is such a great way to grow your business. The more people that use #jpbride, the more potential customers I have. I love this!!! It makes my brides feel special and let's me stay on top of things at the same time.  Who can beat that?



I've also been trying to get more active on Twitter (@jannephoto - go follow me!) which has been a bit tougher since I am just now understanding it. But hey, it's social media so I need to use it! Some of my brides are on Twitter as well so I often chat (or tweet?!) with them as well. It's actually kind of fun!

It can definitely be hard to get into and keep in check, but social media for photographers is so, SO important!