So Serene Wedding | Danielle + Jordan


Danielle and Jordan entered my Engagement Giveaway last year and ended up booking me for their wedding as well. It was so incredibly fun getting to know the two of them throughout the last year and a half. They're just so down to earth and genuinely fun loving people. Danielle is a designer and man, I wasn't prepared for all the amazing decor she came up with for the day!

Congratulations you two! So glad you can finally live in the same city now and start your life together!So_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_WeddingSo_Serene_Wedding

So Serene Wedding:
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