Reality Check

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Lately I have lost myself in the idea that I really don’t know what I am talking about when taking photos. Who am I to photograph a couple’s most important day? I don’t have this lens or that camera or then again those filters. Then I realized that it’s really not at all about the equipment. Well, to an extend it is. You have to have a camera, that’s a given, but honestly, I shot my first weddings with a Rebel xsi and blew everyone who doubted me away. There are obvious advantages to having top of the line equipment but for me, this luxury is just not possible at this moment. I am doing fine renting the lenses I need and slowly purchasing necessary items as I progress. This allows me to learn what I do have inside and out. Anyone can buy the newest Canon Camera but not everyone can shoot a wedding and not make the bride cry when she sees her images.

I know my equipment and I know weddings. And most importantly, I love what I do and understand it’s not about me AT ALL. I am there to capture memories, not make money. Sometimes, this becomes a downfall, which I won’t get into right now, but for me it truly is about the couple and their families.

It’s a challenge to shoot with limited equipment, but I have overcome it and am now actually relieved I don’t have to haul 10 lenses to every shoot. For me, it’s about simplicity, I strive to capture the beauty that is actually there, and I can do that very well with 3-4 lenses, thank you very much.

That said, I do have my eye on a little something-something in the next few months. As my clientele is increasing and I have been booking more and more weddings, it’s just simply not practical or wise to rent a lens I use most of the wedding day. I might as well invest my money instead of throwing it out the window.

Honestly, though. I think as photographers we get so carried away and are so easily intimidated by the big guns out there who bring 3 rolling cases of equipment to every wedding. If you can do it with less, then why don’t you? As long as the quality is the same, I don’t see why we need to waste our money on things we might not need. Disagree? That's ok. Some people love shooting with more equipment, it's whatever works for you. I just hope smaller scale photographers out there understand that growth happens at an individual's pace.

This goes for everything in life, by the way. Think about it.