Random Facts about Photographing your Wedding

I always show you beautiful images of all the weddings I photograph. Today, I want to talk about what happens behind the camera and what you can expect when you hire me. 1. I might cry during your ceremony. Despite my best efforts, it happens all. the. time. I genuinely love the people I photograph and I shoot with my heart. When I connect with my couples on a personal level the whole day becomes basically a love fest for me. It's as if I have been a part of your life for a loong time and now that you're finally tying the knot, I just can't help myself. So, even if I cry at your wedding, I promise I will continue shooting. And, since I know what I'm doing, your photos won't be blurry, I promise!


2. I will be 100% on team bride + groom. That means I am your biggest cheerleader, your ninja, your crazy-people-fender-offer. Whether it's an in-law trying to steal the spotlight or a rowdy wedding guest, I will do whatever it takes to take the stress off you. Ensuring that YOU are having the best day of your life is my #1 priority. You know, right after getting some kick ass pictures, of course. If you're not having a good time on your wedding day, it will show in your pictures. So I will listen to you rant, demand drinks, laugh, cry even. Whatever it takes. Yes, we have a lot of fun together.


3. You can expect me to dance at your reception. In the years of photographing weddings, I have gotten really great at multi-tasking. That includes dancing and taking pictures at the same time. Beware, however, it is not pretty. I love music but I can't dance. That makes for an unfortunate combo. At least your photos turn out really well!


4. I will be super discrete during your ceremony. The only time I am not in the back is during the processional. Even then, I am trying to be as hidden as possible. The last thing I want to do is be a distraction to your guests so I always try and find an empty spot among them and then check to see if they mind me being there for a few minutes. Then as soon as the bride has walked past me to meet her groom, I sneak to the back. I have a personal rule to never go down the aisle further than the last guest's seat. Again, so distraction is minimal. I have a pretty rad zoom lens and with post production, I've never felt the need to be up at the alter to get a great shot. So, until I photograph a wedding with 1000 guests, I stay in the back. To be clear, though: I DO walk the sides, if that's possible. Again, though, as discretely as I possibly can.

(excuse the awful red illustrations in these pictures. I loath photoshop...) In the below picture you can see/ not see where I stand during the processional. The second image has a better view of it. I only stand, if everyone else stands. And rest assured, we also took a beautiful image of the back of the bride and her father without me in there. I vanished immediately after this image was taken.