Purple Spring Wedding in Cincinnati | Annie + Gino

Purple_Spring_Wedding_Cincinnati I still remember the day I first met with Annie + Gino over Skype, I instantly liked them. Annie also went to Xavier and she loved the fact that I was a fellow Musketeer! Even more vivid is the memory of the call I received from Annie while I was driving through the mountains in Tennessee on the way back from Atlanta. While I was maneuvering the curvy roads, Annie told me they chose me as their photographer! Fast forward to April 11th when I had the honor of witnessing them finally tying the knot. "It's about time" kept coming up throughout the day, as Gino had apparently taken a tad too long to propose (they've known each other a looooong time, guys!)

Cincinnati in Spring is a giant gamble, everyone who lives here knows not to trust what the weather report says. It can snow one day, be hot and humid the next and then go right back to a downpour. So the week leading up to Annie + Gino's wedding was no different, with torrential downpours pretty much all week. Except April 11th. It couldn't have been more gorgeous! The day was perfect, if not bittersweet. Annie had lost her dear mom just months before the wedding and we all felt that absence. Annie did a wonderful job honoring her mother, though, by incorporating her picture into the bouquet and so keeping her close by all day.

Annie + Gino, thank you so much allowing me be a part of your day. Congratulations! Purple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_CincinnatiPurple_Spring_Wedding_Cincinnati