Pro DPI Sample Album

 photo Sample AlbumIf you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you already know that I am absolutely in love with my latest Sample Album. I recently switched Labs to ProDPI and can't say enough good thing about them. They send you candy with every order - I mean, come on! How could I not love them?

After receiving several test prints, I decided it was time to order a Sample Album from them. I previously used Layflat Books but they just weren't cutting it anymore. I wanted something chic, high quality and something my clients could show off with pride. I am so happy with ProDPI and how the album came out. From the beautiful cover and its' thick pages to the great quality of the images and product as a whole. I am smitten! Thank God I get to keep this one to myself! Wedding Album  photo jannephotocom_Sample_Album_0004_zpsfe081f52.jpg  photo jannephotocom_Sample_Album_0006_zps0dad7871.jpg I decided to order the Sample Album in the Champagne Chrome Fabric but ProDPI also offers a simpler "Standard" Fabric as well as several colors for Linen and Silk Fabric. They also offer Vegan Leather, which I can't wait to try out as well soon!
   photo jannephotocom_Sample_Album_0007_zps0c857f08.jpgFor all my clients who think they might be interested in an album, I also have Sample Swatches of all the cover options, which I will be sure to bring to your consultation. It's so much nicer to actually see and feel the material before committing financially.
   photo jannephotocom_Sample_Album_0008_zps1b09e445.jpg Make sure you e-mail me today if you're a past client and want to get a personalized album from me. I only have a limited amount of days left during which I can meet with you before November!

So excited about where my business is heading!