25 Week Bump Update | Pink Blush Maternity

Pink _Blush_Maternity_Dress Saturday did not only mark my 28th birthday, it was also the beginning of the 25th week of my pregnancy with baby girl. I have absolutely loved taking weekly pictures to document the bump and I was even more excited when Pink Blush Maternity contacted me to see if I would like to try on one of their dresses. Truth be told, besides 2 maternity leggings, I haven't bought a single item of maternity clothing for myself yet. I've been fortunate enough to have been given some as Christmas and birthday gifts, but this was the first time I was able to pick out something on my own. I ended up going with this two toned maxi dress as well as some other dresses and shirts to wear during the upcoming weeks. Pregnant or future pregnant friends: Make sure you check out Pink Blush Maternity! Their clothes are not only super cute and stylish, they also fit! I am 5'2" and haven't gained much weight since the start of my pregnancy so every other brand seems to be way too bulky for me. Pink Blush Maternity sizes theirs just right and I can't wait to wear their clothes! Best part - All 3 of the dresses I got, one of them being a Maternity as well as Nursing Dress, are able to be worn after pregnancy. They are stretchy to allow for growth but also have an empire waist, so my bump won't stretch out the dresses at all. So excited about this!

So how am I feeling at 25 weeks pregnant? Pretty much the same as always. Baby girl is kicking every day and pretty steadily now and I still take my daily naps. One thing that's really started bothering me is my back. I can't sit down longer than a few minutes without being uncomfortable and in pain, but it forces me to be up and going and get things done.

Did I mention that on Saturday it was below 30F? Yeah, not ideal for a photo shoot but you do what you have to ;)

(Click here to see some of my past bump pictures.) Pink _Blush_Maternity_Maxi_Dress

*Special thanks to Pink Blush Maternity for partnering up and providing this dress.  All opinions are my own.