Online Client Photo Galleries + Discount Code!

Today I want to tell you about one thing that's changed the way I do business. At the end, there is also a Discount Code for my awesome Clients so you definitely don't want to miss out on that! When I first started my business, I used to burn countless DVDs in order for my clients to get their images. Not only was that tedious and time consuming, it was also a hassle for my clients. I give my clients their High-Resolution images, so that means each image burned onto a DVD is HUGE! Not everyone has a fast computer like I do so for most people, this meant slooooowwww image viewing or that their computers would crash all-together. Not to mention that the horror of one tiny scratch on the disc could mean buh-bye to your images.

So, once I did my research, I stumbled upon a better option. The original platform I used worked great and was super popular among other photographers. I used it for about a year before I found a much better, yet less popular option (for now) - Pixieset. If you've been a client of mine in the past year you're already familiar with these online client photo galleries. Pixieset is just great, mainly because there are ZERO commission fees on products I sell. That means, I don't have to hike up my prices, which in return means that prints are now more of an option for my clients. Whenever a client orders their wedding photos through me, I have a little party in my office. As in, Ida (the cat) and I do a happy dance while singing to some imaginary song in our heads.

You see, having all your High-Res images available to you online is fantastic! Having them in your hands on gorgeous, high quality paper is even better. I usually sneak in a few of my own wedding images whenever I send in an order to my printer so I have quite a few of my own at home to drool over. There is something about having it in your hands and displaying the images that an online gallery just can't do.

Back to Pixieset, though! Let me show you a bit more about how cool it is.

1) The Look. It's just so darn sleek, modern and simple! I love how Pixieset lets me highlight one photograph to use as the main image for the gallery.


and see above? Next to the name of the gallery (in this case, my faves Brett + Andy) are several different gallery folders. I like to separate the images of the wedding day into various events of the day. This helps to not overwhelm my clients with hundreds of images right away. You can also easily "Like" the Gallery on Facebook (see top right)  and share it through e-mail, pinterest, google+, etc.


2) Purchasing prints. This part is super easy. I also recently lowered my print prices since Pixieset announced the no commission fee so I am even more excited for people to buy their prints now!



3) Favorites. I love when clients order albums. If you've recently met with me for a consult you've seen my latest sample album and I probably also told you how much I am in love with it. I can't wait to design my own album here soon and I honestly believe that this is something every couple should have. Even if you don't go through me, get your images printed and showcase them!

If you do go through me, the favorites option is such a great tool for album design. The bride and groom go through the images and select which photos are their faves. Then, when it's time to pick the images for the album, they're all right there! Easy as pie! Not that I've ever made any...



4) Storage. Not to disappoint but I don't have a photo for this one. It's pretty cool though! Your photos will stay in the cloud's storage as long as you and I would like! I will usually keep them online until I run out of room but even when I take them offline, which is sometime after around 1.5-2 years (if ever) they are still secure in the cloud space and backed up. I do require that each client downloads and backs up their photos ASAP but just in case, they're still safe. I also keep them on my external hard drive for double protection!

You see, Pixieset is pretty awesome. I am glad I made the switch last year and I can't wait to see what else the peeps behind the scenes have in store for us!

And now, for the Discount Code! If you were a client of mine in the past and were fortunate enough to have a Pixieset Gallery, then go get some prints! If you use code 'yourock14' before 3/31/14 you can get 15% off your order. Minimum order of $25 still applies (because I get charged extra if I don't meet the minimum when sending the order womp womp)