Office Makeover

My office. Well, it's actually a stretch to call it that. It is its' own room designated only to business related things, however, look wise, it's still missing a lot to be actually called an office. I do have a table and some cabinets, so, yes, it's got the back bones. It just doesn't feel right yet. First of all, it's messy. Like, really messy. For some reason things just seem to accumulate on my desk space and it doesn't help that it's super super boring in here. It's one of those rooms where spare art gets hung, whether it fits the theme or not. I remember mentioning a while ago that I was hoping to meet clients in this space - I've had exactly one couple in here so far and only because I love them and trust that they wouldn't judge me. At least I had my fingers crossed.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want this space to look like and am finally ready to take over this space. I already checked out wall colors and started an inspiration board for some decorative items to acquire down the road. I want to paint the walls next week and once my ordered prints are in, hang them. That should give me a better idea of where this place is headed.


Let's add to those 2014 Business Goals of mine to finally vamp up my office. It's seriously about time.

**Tassels, 'LOVE', Sheep Skin, Chair, Pillow