New Website Reveal

I am beyond ecstatic about my new website. I've been meaning to design a new one for a while now as I felt the previous site did not reflect my style and personality at all. With the help of Showit and Sitehouse Designs, I was able to create an amazing site.

Here is my website before:

 photo Janne Photo Website Old Design
And, ladies and possibly gentlemen, after:

 photo Janne Photo Website New Design

I just love how the colors are vibrant, fun and the feel of the site is still feminine and modern. I can't stop looking at it to be honest! My 2013 brides will have some kick ass features added to their collections including +Sites (more on those later) and Online Galleries for easy downloading, sharing and viewing of their images.

Along with the website, I also played around a bit with the design of the blog to match the updated look and feel of my brand. If you normally read the blog through Google Reader or Bloglovin, make sure you visit the actual blog to take a look.

Definitely also make sure you visit the website: and let me know what you think!