Marriage Equality - Special Promo

In light of yesterday's and today's events for Marriage Equality, I wanted to do something a little special. I am fortunate to know many same sex couples, all of which have a relationship stronger and more intimate than most hetero couples I know.

If you're on Facebook or Twitter you've most likely seen many people change their profile picture to an equal sign on a bright red background. At first, I wasn't even aware of what was going on, and I honestly feel ashamed of that. How ignorant of me to not even know of something so important. Especially because of the people I love that are affected, I should know all that I can about what's happening. Sadly, same sex marriage is not something often covered in the local news.

As a wedding photographer (especially in Cincinnati) it saddens me that I don't get to photograph more same sex marriages. As a matter of fact, I haven't photographed a single same sex couple. I don't know whether this is because there aren't many who dare to make their love public out of fear or if I haven't made myself more available. Everyone deserves the right to marry who they love.

In order to do my part, however small, I'd like to offer the following:
Same Sex Marriage Equality 50 Percent off Photography

If you are a same sex Couple in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky or perhaps even elsewhere, please contact me. I would love to photograph you and your partner. In my book, as long as you love each other and are committed, everyone should be able to have a wedding. 

No rush, this promotion doesn't end and there are no hidden fees. Just beautiful pictures to be taken.