Laura + Clay : Engaged

A few months ago, when Laura first told me about her and Clay's wedding, I knew I just HAD to be there. The theme? Vintage Carnival. I mean, how could you not get excited for this one? I love when brides think outside the box and make it fun and unique.

When it came time to meet again for their engagement shoot, I was a little weary when Laura told me she wanted her horse, Savanna, to be a part of it. I've been petrified of horses ever since I fell off one as a little girl and a recent equally traumatic experience didn't leave me wanting more horses in my life. Everything went great, though! I didn't cry (yes, that may have happened before...) and I we were able to get some amazing shots. The weather was absolutely perfect with clear skies and just the right temperature. In fact, I took so many photos that I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites for this post.

It's safe to say I will be counting down the days alongside Laura and Clay for their June 2014 wedding.

Congratulations you two!

I always crack up when I see the top right image - just the way Savannah is looking straight into the camera. Probably mocking me :)

Isn't Laura a total stunner? This girl knew how to work the camera, I hardly had to do anything! She is going to make a beautiful bride.