Kiss Wedding Albums

Kiss_Wedding_Albums I am in the middle of updating my pricing and took another look at the products I currently offer. I really believe that giving my clients their high-res images through an online gallery is essential. Sure, I took the photos, but they're my client's memories. So they should have them. However, I also think it's super important to not hide those images on a hard drive somewhere. I have been offering prints for quite some time and lowered those prices a few months ago when the company I went through cut out their share. No sense in charging my clients more when I have to pay less for them! Several of my clients have already taken advantage of the Print Option in their Pixieset Galleries.

Another way of showcasing your images is through one of the albums I offer. I am absolutely in love with these Kiss Wedding Albums. Their quality is just over the top and I don't mind spending a little more for a seriously high quality product. I still have to design and order my own Kiss Wedding Albums and I can't wait! The gorgeous leather covers! The thick, high gloss pages! Rich, beautiful cover options (all thanks to Kiss Books!) I swoon every time someone asks me about them. Previously, the price of these beauties was pretty steep. I wasn't happy with the prices I had to charge so I changed them. Simple as that. I no longer make a lot of money from these and I know some photographers might want to slap me after reading this. I firmly believe, though, that these are such an important part of the wedding memory. I want everyone to be able to afford one of these so I lowered the prices. And that's that. There are also Linen Covers, which are even more cost efficient!

To go even further, when you decide to add Kiss Wedding Albums to your photography package at time of booking, you will receive 25% off the price of the album. Weeee!