It's a...

Gender_Reveal I thought it was time we filled you all in on what is happening with my pregnancy. I am now 24 weeks, that means I am 6 months pregnant! Where has the time gone?! 2 weeks before Christmas we went in for an ultrasound to hopefully find out if it's a he or a she, and lucky for us, our amazing Ultrasound Technician was able to easily see what baby bean was up to in there. Then it became another waiting game. We had decided to wait until Christmas Eve to find out alongside our families, so down to Atlanta I went, with a tiny little envelope in my suitcase. I initially thought it would be hard having the answer so close and not trying to peek, but even the day of, I was pretty relaxed about the whole thing. You know the whole "as long as it's healthy!" thing? I think that comes as a given, but in secret, I was hoping for a girl while everyone was sure it was a boy. Seeing those pink balloons fall out of the box we crafted (with the help of an amazing neighbor who put the right colored balloons in the box for us the day of) was surreal. I couldn't have been happier and I still get teary eyed thinking about it.

Baby girl, you are already so, so loved. (Although we did have a killer boys name...) Since finding out, I haven't been able to stop myself from buying the cutest little clothes. Target had some amazing sales going on so I snagged some leggings (do babies wear those?!) and some onesies for great prices. Funny enough, my great aunt had previously sent us a pink baby hat as well as some pink baby socks without even knowing that it's a girl! I was going to put that hat on a boy, too, it's so darn soft, but it's probably for the best that it turned out to be a little lady.

We've also started work on the nursery. Around Thanksgiving we had torn out the old, stained carpet and painted the room Sherwin Williams 'Reflection' (although we chose to buy our paint from PPG Paints because we know people and are just cool that way. Hey, why spend an insane amount of color on paint when you can get the same quality and support a friend at the same time?!) We're lucky to have the original hardwood flooring throughout the entire house with only the bedrooms carpeted over. I don't have any good photos of the old floor underneath but trust me when I say, it was not pretty. So we left it like that for a while until this past week when we finally rented a sander to get the old stain (and whatever those dark spots are... yuck!) off before refinishing it this weekend. Nursery_Progress_Sherwin_Williams_Reflection


Soooo pretty and clean!


And some behind the scenes of Luke doing all the work. Hey, it said no pregnant women in the room due to all the dust, so I was happy to stay out of it. You can definitely see those dark spots that were there before and during the sanding process.


I already picked out the artwork and our crib and dresser should go in sometime at the end of the month or so. It's a really tiny room (those wide angle lenses are amazing!) so we aren't getting too much stuff for it. It's a babies room, after all. I'm still on the hunt for a rug, some curtains and possibly a rocker for mama while nursing/obsessively watching her sleep.

And since all posts are better with a cute picture at the end, here is Ida laying next to the pig I got at IKEA at the beginning of my pregnancy. Don't let the peaceful picture fool you. He tried to immediately bite the pig's ear off after I pressed the shutter.