I Do! The Dress

When it came to my dress, I knew exactly what I didn't want: an inexpensive lace wedding dress. Naturally, the first bridal store we went to thought quite differently and encouraged me to try on a variety of wedding gowns. I really wish someone would have filmed me in that store. Don't get me wrong, I do think you should try on several dresses. However, I could have told them immediately that a dress that accentuates the chest area ain't gonna fly with this barely B-cup gal. Nor would any of the other oddly shaped gowns. The people in the first store just didn't listen to what I envisioned, so I quickly realized we needed to go someplace else. I was on the hunt for an inexpensive lace wedding dress and nobody was going to stop me. Dramatic much? Enter Splendid Bridal. We are lucky enough to live 5 minutes from the Cincinnati Bridal District, so off we went to Reading to check out the store that I had previously heard great things from. The whole atmosphere was a lot better at Splendid so I knew that this is where I would find my dress. The sales lady  actually listened to me. Instead of shaking her head and telling me it's impossible, considered my budget and requests (again, inexpensive lace wedding dress) before she scurried off to pick several gowns. I won't bore you with the entire story but let's just say I hit the jackpot. The ladies in that store remembered me and my dress every time I walked into that store because... well... I "said yes" to a black dress. Yup, I had never even seen my dress in ivory when I decided that it was the one. Why? It's not even a wedding dress! It's a Mother of the Bride Dress!

When the sales lady thought about my budget and the average price of lace wedding gowns, she asked me if I wanted a train. Since I didn't, she pulled out the black, lacy dress for me to try on. Now, I also tried on the almost identical version from Allure with a train but I couldn't justify spending $1,400 more just for a train that was going to get pinned up anyways. After not much time, I had found my inexpensive lace wedding dress. It was WAY under budget at $400 something, had a vintage look that worked with our theme, was extremely flattering and, best of all, was lace!

So there you have it! My one advice for brides looking for their wedding gown is this: Be open to other options. Not  in the sense of trying on a ball gown when you're clearly looking to show off your curves, but  try on that not so average wedding dress or the slight variation from your perfect dress. Especially when you're on a budget!



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