I got something in the Mail

and it cost me all an arm and a leg, but was totally worth it.

Exhibit A:


I finally caved and bought myself a Kelly Moore Photography Bag. Yes, all $199 worth of gloriousness - it's gray and purple on the inside. I used to just put my camera into my purse and pray that I wouldn't drop it, spill anything on it or otherwise damage the goods inside but after a while, I realized I should probably not gamble with thousands of dollars worth in equipment.

Exhibit B:


I also finally ordered new business and promo postcards. They feature some of my photography so they completely replace my old cards that focused more on design. I once again went with moo.com and am so happy with them. Their quality is just beyond great. So worth the extra pennies. Now I just need to hand them out and wait for the calls (ha!)

And now, I am on credit card probation.

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