I Do! The Ring

A long, long time ago, I can still remember... oh wait, this isn't a Madonna Song! Anyways, a while ago I started to share some things about my own wedding, then somewhere in the middle of actually getting married, I stopped posting about it. Imagine that! Today I want to bring back that tiny little feature to the blog. I won't share too many wedding photos on here since I am a fan of at least a little bit of privacy and, honestly, most of our family hasn't even seen them so I find it hard to justify putting them on here for the world to see. But, alas, you shall see some.

To start things off, again, let's talk about the bling bling! The Left Image is my Engagement Ring as I wore it for the 21 months of our engagement. The Right Image is how I wear it now, with the engagement ring sitting within the wedding band.


Left Image - Lauren W Photography                                                           Right Image - Janne Photography

Let me tell you a little bit more about the Ring. When Luke and I first started talking Marriage, I mentioned to him that I'd much rather have a family heirloom than some fancy piece of jewelry. I only wore rings if they had a special meaning to me, never as a fashion piece, so I wanted something that fit with my style. Not only that, but family heirlooms are usually free. I like free. Ka-ching! But seriously, I've always loved the simple, unique look of an older style ring, so I was really excited when Luke proposed with this baby.

Then when it came time to pick out a Wedding Band, I went in to Jared pretty much with the same mindset: something simple. Yeah, that didn't last long. I looked at REALLY simple rings (read: literally just a silver band) first and quickly realized that wasn't gonna fly. See, my engagement ring was so different and already looked like a wedding band itself, that I couldn't just add a simple band to it and call it a day. So, my eyes drifted on over to the fancy bands. You know, just in case...and then I found it.

Guys, I actually cried. In the middle of Jared. Yeah, proud moment.

So we said adios to our budget and greeted Ramen Noodle Dinners with open arms. But hey, I got the band of my dreams! On another bright note: Now it no longer looks like a knuckle ring!

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