I Do! The Flowers

My wedding included cabbage and balls, and lots of it. We were super blessed to have Luke's mom, a horticulturist, handle our flowers. I basically gave her free range with the exception of a few things:

1. Absolutely no roses

2. Billy Balls had to be present

3. "I like shrubs" - I'm very knowledgable of flower names!

I trusted her 100%, as I did most of my vendors, and she did not disappoint. I had no idea what she would do until a few weeks before the wedding when she casually mentioned that she was including cabbage in the mix. Naturally, I had to google that first along with all the other flower names she threw at me. I would have never thought I could get so excited about cabbage! I mean, I LOVE me some Sauerkraut, but unfermented I didn't have much interest in the things.

Aside from the fact that my bouquet was larger than my head and heavier than an elephant, I was over the moon with how everything turned out. My mother in law knows me very well. I kept my Bouquet a whopping 3 months and reluctantly threw the dried up thing away a few weeks ago. But not after I plucked all the billy balls off it and stuck them, alongside some of the other flowers, into a Christmas Ornament and a shadow box I made for some of the wedding elements. Even Luke's boutonniere survived!

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All images by Lauren W Photography.