I Do! The Dessert

I love wedding dessert. Cake, cupcakes, chocolate fountain, you name it and I'm there eating it. It is one of my favorite things about a wedding. You know, besides photographing beautiful people in love. We don't eat much, if any, dessert at our house. Mainly because we get so stuffed up on the man course that it's typically a joke to assume anything else can go in. If we do, though, we like a variety of different things, so when it came to what we would provide for our guests, we couldn't just pick one thing. We have some amazing bakers amongst our family and friends and they graciously offered to help us out. Everything, with the exception of the Fruit, was made from scratch and it was all a huge hit!

We knew we didn't want to end up with 1 year old cake that had to be thawed out on our anniversary so we skipped the top tier and kept our wedding cake simple as well. I think it was coconut. I can't quite remember anything except having a giant glob stuffed into my mouth my my darling husband. It was good though!


Photographs by Lauren W Photography