I Do! Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Splendid Bridal Cincinnati I don't have a lot (or really any) photos of the Bridesmaids shopping experience. Partly because it was just plain stressful. This post should really be called "How much I loathe David's Bridal. Thankfully, I have easy going girls but I was not prepared for this day at all.

We first went to Splendid Bridal where I got my Wedding Gown but we had originally decided on Satin dresses. Splendid didn't have any that the girls liked and I had made an "appointment" at David's Bridal since 2 of my ladies are from out of town and I thought this might make it easier on them later on.

Well, as soon as we entered David's Bridal I went into full on panic mode. I don't shop in person very much so I was not prepared for what hit us when we entered the store. Compared to Splendid, David's was an absolute, chaotic mess. I was called the wrong name 3 times despite correcting her each time and even providing our "consultant" with a shortened version of my name. I'm sorry, but my name is not Yamaka, who names their kid after the Jewish head piece?!

I always expect people to mispronounce my name, that's just how it goes but once I tell you how to say it and you continue to mess it up, I'm sorry but I have no pity for you. That might seem harsh but especially in the sales world, wouldn't you want to make sure your customer that is about to bring in hundreds in sales for you is taken care of? Customer service is the number one priority in my wedding photography business, I just simply expect the same from other vendors.  Aside from checking in every 30 minutes or so really nobody helped us. Thank God my ladies are used to shopping and just went for it themselves.

Anyways, rant over. I gave the girls the option of picking different dresses according to each girl's taste and style but they actually ended up all picking the same one. The exception to that was my Maid of Honor, who actually ended up getting her dress a few weeks later at Splendid Bridal - THAT experience, was ah-mazing.

If you need anything, a Prom, Bridesmaid or Wedding Dress, I would highly recommend heading to the Reading Bridal District and checking out Splendid Bridal. These ladies pay attention, look at your body type and most of all, listen. We had a dress for my Maid of Honor within 20 minutes and it is perfect.

As I said, Bridesmaid dress shopping, for me, wasn't the best experience but it just confirmed that I had made the right choice in who I picked to stand by my side. My advice? As long as you're with a great group of girls, you can't go wrong. Let them pick their own dress, trust them, they won't pick something ugly.