Homebrew Beer Making : Pumpkin

Homebrew Beer Making  by Janne Photography Homebrew_Beer_Making

Luke has been an avid homebrewer for a few years now. It all started with the typical kit we purchased sometime back in Yellow Springs. Aside from the bottling (I do the capping... it's a pain), I really can't complain. This stuff is pretty darn good. He's been trying out his own recipes and doing al grain as of late. Last month, he started the process of a Pumpkin Beer. I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin beers, but when we transferred it to whatever container it comes in after the initial brew (can't you tell I really know my stuff?) we tried it. Sure, it was flat and warm and still needs some time doing it's thing, but the flavor was fantastic! I am actually really excited. Shouldn't be much longer until we can drink it.

So that Saturday of homebrew beer making I decided to document the process a bit. It was gorgeous out! This was Ollie's first official brew day but he did great! No "accidental" eating of any ingredients either! He actually wasn't that interested in the process. He must not be a pumpkin fan either.Homebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_MakingHomebrew_Beer_Making