“Steve” was the answer I got from my little brother when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween this year. I was about as dumbfounded as you probably are right now. Who in the world is Steve?!

Duh, Steve fro Minecraft. The pixilated online game that all kids apparently play nowadays. And then I proceeded to offer to make his costume. I get really into things and then forget about them completely so when Halloween was a mere 5 days away I panicked and started feeling (and looking) like a sleep deprived art student again. I could have gone the easy route and printed off and glued on the face but I easy ain’t my way so I painted each pixel by hand. It turned out quite awesome, though with all the effort that went into his costume, I completely forgot to think of something for myself. So, I went as a painter.. original, I know.

as a painter.. original, I know.

You see, I look too young to have a mortgage but too old to go trick or treating so it turned out to be a bit of an awkward evening as I accompanied my brother. I went as his guardian, not to get candy, I swear, though I did manage to get a couple pieces myself! What 24 year old can say that, huh? HUH?!