Germany_0007We're back in the States so it's time to share some of the photos we captured while we were in Europe. First up, Germany, though truth be told, I didn't take nearly as many photographs here than I did in Paris. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen some of the images from our trip. Our flight to Germany was quite long, with layovers first in Detroit and then Amsterdam. Due to scheduling changes we have 4-5 hours between flights in each city so when we finally arrived in Bremen, Germany and sat down at my grandparents' table for dinner we were beat!

These are literally the only pictures I took of our time in Bremen, apart from some random family pictures. It was pouring the entire time we were there so I didn't think dragging my giant camera around was such a great idea. The day after we arrived my awesome cousin, Tini, took us to a soccer game - Bremen vs. Dortmund. Last place vs. Second to Last Place. It was awesome - the whole atmosphere was incredible! It helped that our team, Bremen, won, of course.


The obligatory "Spaghetti Ice Cream" - both in traditional and chocolate. It's so simple and delicious. And huge. Probably the size of my head.


For Christmas we headed down South to the Prien am Chiemsee, the town where I was born and area where I grew up. The weather was beautiful! Though we were hit pretty hard with a 12 hour Stomach bug (I'll spare you the details...) we were alright by Christmas Eve. It was so nice spending the time with my dad, stepmom and siblings. I already miss them a ton.


Since we were so close to it, we also headed to Salzburg, Austria for half a day, though it was raining that day, unfortunately.



I didn't mind that it rained, though, since the rain turned into beautiful snow!


For the first time (ever?) all the kids were together so we had to take a picture. I hadn't seen most of them in years! I love my siblings!


...there's always that one sister... can we also talk about how gorgeous my sisters are?! And how TALL everyone else is? What?! I clearly didn't get that gene....


And that's that! Told you there's not that many. Paris will come later this week and I'll have to split that up into 2 parts or else you'd never get through.