I Do! The Music

We knew from the very beginning that we wanted a Live Band for our wedding. Luke plays the drums and I dance like a maniac in the kitchen so it's safe to say we're really into music. After a ton of failed Google Searches we finally came across the perfect Band - Folly to the Wise. I'm pretty sure they don't do weddings anymore, even though, according to them, if all were like ours, they'd definitely continue. Boo-ya! I think it was the fact that, aside from 3-4 songs for the ceremony and first dance, we didn't really tell what they could and could not play. Had we heard them live before we hired them? Nope, and I honestly do not recommend putting quite that much trust in your entertainment, but in this case, we just knew these guys would rock it. First of all, they're all super handsome, can't go wrong with that, DUH!

I would describe them as Mumford-and-Sons-y but ten times better. They also record their own songs which we let them play - they're THAT awesome!

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Photos by Lauren W Photography

In between their breaks I would dash up there to turn on my iPod with some slow music for dinner and then eventually some music that made all the Germans go up and dance. We eventually all decided to leave the crazy music on, which included a lot of German Techno like this none sense and this song that made me fly around the dance floor like a spaceship. I'm not even sure how Lauren managed to get any sharp photos of me. Before you judge me too much, the band even got on the dance floor and got in on the action. Seriously, these guys rock.

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Our Song Choices for the Main Events:

Processional: Bruno Mars - Marry You

Bride's Entrance: Jack Johnson - Better Together

Recessional: The Lumineers - Ho Hey

First Dance: Griffin House - Better Than Love