Everyday I'm Hustlin'!

One thing I wanted to ensure for 2015 was to make this blog a bit more of a lifestyle blog - more personal. Sharing weddings and engagements is my favorite, but in an effort to show y'all who I am behind the lens, I also want to post about my life and what I'm all about. Don't worry, there will still be a majority of weddings and engagements on this site! I'm sure everyone has a running wish list, I can't be the only one that fills her Pinterest page with that stuff! Whenever I come across items I absolutely love but don't have the funds for at the moment I add them to my "Want" list - quite original on the name, I know. Lately, I've been absolutely obsessed with pink colors and gold, must be my branding staring at me every day! All that's missing is the Mint!


Links to everything in case you're loving it, too:

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