Essential Oils | My favorite ones : Lavender + Peppermint

Essential Oils | My favorite ones Young_Living_Essential_OilsWe've been using Young Living Essential Oils for a few weeks now and are absolutely in love with them. There is so much I still need to learn about them and they continuously amaze me with their powers! Today, I want to share two of my favorites - Lavender and Peppermint.

Lavender: ask anybody in this house and they will tell, meow or woof you that I am absolutely obsessed with Lavender. I have a Lavender spray which I use on the pillows as well as on myself, have several plants that are currently (hopefully!!!) surviving the winter in the garage and will just flock to anything that contains this little herby plant. I love it! Aside from its' incredible relaxation powers, it also helps with healing burns, sunburned skin, dry skin and many other skin conditions. Did I mention I love it? Because I do!

Peppermint: This one is actually said to help with alertness, but I use it mainly for headache relief. A drop on the temples, forehead and/or neck and my headache is usually gone. Sometimes I have to reapply to kick it in the butt for good but I haven't had to take an ibuprofen since. Another huge plus is that Peppermint helps with stomach issues like indigestion and cramps so I typically keep this one with me at all times.

Combined: This is actually how I use them most often. I combine a few drops of each in my diffuser and just let them do their thing. Ollie has some crazy energy, which is pretty entertaining most of the time, but everyone needs a break now and then. This combo has proven to seriously calm him down (despite Peppermint's alertness quality!). I've found that he isn't a fan of topical application but diffusing the oils doesn't bother him at all. Every now and then he even comes and sniffs it - score! Because of their calming effect on us, I also use this combo at night when we go to bed. I just place the diffuser next to the bed and off we go to dreamland. They just knock me out within 5 minutes + they purify the air while we sleep! One side effect I've noticed is that, since I diffuse these almost all day long, I have started taking naps :) But hey, snuggling with the animals on the couch? No problem for me!

If you haven’t gotten started with Oils yet, I am ready and waiting and can’t wait to help!

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