I Do! DIY Wedding Makeup Tips

Today I want to talk about DIY Wedding Makeup Tips! DIY_Wedding_Make_Up_Tips

Now before I start, I want to make clear that I have worked with many fantastic make up artists and have tremendous respect for anyone that can make others look this beautiful. That being said, sometimes it's just not in your budget to hire a make up artist for your big day. Or, and we've all seen this before, sometimes the make up artists can take their job a bit overboard and make you look less like yourself and more like you belong in a Lady Gaga video. Hey, that chick's got swag, but it's probably not a good idea for a wedding.

We know ourselves better than anyone and we all at least have the slightest idea of what works and what doesn't. I did my own make up for my wedding day and am so beyond glad I did. Here are some DIY Makeup Tips and Items that helped me get ready:

1. Start with great skin. I am blessed in that department and didn't have to do much to prepare but if you're hoping to have flawless skin on your wedding day, start asap! Lots of water, good nutrition and a great skin regimen is so, SO important. Don't be afraid to ask a professional for help! I have a wonderful Mary Kay "lady" (aehm.. my cousin) and I swear by their products.

2. Stay true to you. When it comes to make up, go with what you'd normally wear, just strengthen it a bit. What I mean by that is adding a bit more blush, add a bit more eye shadow, etc. You will look great in pictures, plus, you won't have to touch up as often. Just don't go overboard and cake it on. You want your skin to breathe!

3. Use a base and a finishing product. I still had a sample size of Bare Minerals Prime Time on hand and then one of my bridesmaids had a finishing spray (similar here) that we used to set our make up.

4. Fake Lashes aren't a requirement. I bought fake lashes because I thought I would need them. I even applied them! When I looked in the mirror, though, after I was ready, I decided to take them off again. I just didn't look like me. So I simply applied another layer of mascara (I love this one by Mary Kay) and called it a day. I've had a lot of brides wear falsies and they always look beautiful, but I've also had a lot that decided to go all natural. Either way is completely ok! Oh, but wear waterproof mascara!

5. Do a trial run! This is a must! On a daily basis I only wear mascara and eye liner, so I had basically zero experience with eye shadow. I still had a great color palette from Bare Minerals (I used the 15 minutes one) so I stuck with that since I knew it suited my skin. Then I went to town. The first try? Yeah.. not so much. If my first run would have been on my wedding day I would have been in freak out mode! So, ladies, seriously, do a trial well before the big day!

6. Get some zzzz's. Sleep. A lot. Especially the night before your wedding. Being well rested will save you from caking on cover up to hide those dark circles.

I'm not saying I know it all. Far from! But the many, many compliments and questions on who did my make up speak for themselves. Most importantly, though, is that I felt beautiful. And that really is all that counts. If you feel it, you will be it.


PS: I am in no way, shape or form, getting any sort of payment from Mary Kay or Bare Minerals. I just love their stuff and think it's great for DIY Wedding Makeup Tips.