Devou Park Kentucky Engagement

devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001 Courtney + Daniel contacted me a few weeks ago to document their engagement, which Courtney wanted to do at Devou Park in Norther Kentucky. When I got there, I was so excited to see that they had picked out a few spots I had never been to at the park. It was a super windy day but the two of them did absolutely fantastic given the slightly chilly weather and the fact that we'd never even met before!

Courtney and Daniel brought several outfits and I absolutely fell in love with Courtney's tulle skirt. That girl's got some style! It's also always a treat to see an engagement ring as unique as Courtney's. devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001devou_park_kentucky_engagement_0001

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