Corner Coffee Cafe

This week, Suzy and I decided to meet up for brunch to celebrate her birthday. When it came time to decide where we would go, I really tried to avoid suggesting anything too ordinary. Chain restaurants are great for when you travel, but we wanted something special for a birthday brunch. So, we ended up at Corner Coffee Cafe, a local coffee shop and small restaurant that's owned by Joni and Rick. They actually celebrated their 10 year anniversary the day we were there - more reason to eat our little hearts out! I've been to Corner Coffee Cafe several times before but usually get something from their breakfast menu. (Their breakfast sandwiches are the bomb! Go try them!) This time, Suzy and I went for the lunch menu and each had the BLT n Brie - Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato topped with Brie on a croissant - with a cup of Joni's homemade soup. Add some Raspberry Ice Tea to that and voila! Ah-mazing! Honestly, you really can't go wrong with anything you order there. The only issue I've ever had was getting extremely full by trying everyone else's orders as well. Their wraps are also delicious - and I am usually not a fan of wraps.

We're usually too stuffed to get dessert but since this was a birthday brunch, we had to have dessert! I always get a vanilla latte when I'm there and Suzy chose the cherry almond latte. I am also happy to say that I had my very first piece of apple pie that day. I almost fainted when they asked me if I wanted it heated up with whipped cream on the side. Yes, yes and YES!

As if it didn't get any better, Corner Coffee Cafe also has an Antique Shop attached to it. I love perusing after I am stuffed! They have the most gorgeous furniture and decorative pieces. So, seriously, go check out their Facebook page and head over to Corner Coffee Cafe at 9440 Main Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45242 (it's in Remington and very close to Montgomery and Kenwood) and tell Joni and Rick that I sent you!