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Today I want to introduce you to the newest addition to our little family! Meet Ollie, an 8-week old Lab/Hound mix. This little man has been with us a solid day but has already met a ton of people and places. We don't mess around here, so we're super glad to find out that he's got the perfect personality! Excuse the about to be sleeping pictures but given that he's still so young, I've had quite the hard time getting him to sit still  Edited to include an awake shot!!!  :)  I'm sure in time he will get used to having a camera in his face, just like his big brother. Ida, by the way, is a little weary, but seems otherwise ok with it all. Though he does throw me some "are you kidding me with this" glances every now and then. A little hissing never hurt either.

If you're looking for a little fur friend, I highly recommend the Clinton County Humane Society. They're a no kill, volunteer based shelter and our adoption experience was great. Ollie still has 2 brothers that are just as cute as him - and if it weren't for Luke, we'd now have 3 puppies running around :)



We have to make sure to get a picture of my main squeeze in there as well. Isn't he such a perfect poser?