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Cincinnati Engagement Photographers - Janne Photography Cincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Krohn_ConservatoryAlyssa + Todd's love is something out of a fairy tale. Watching them is like seeing Prince Charming and Cinderella, no joke! Todd opens doors for Alyssa, they look at each other with googly eyes and, god, their love just radiates! I am not a mushy person, but it's hard not to feel something when you're around these two.

We met up Sunday to start our Session at Eden Park before heading up to Mt. Adams. The weather was beautiful all day but it ended up being a tad too cloudy for the Sunset pictures I had planned for them. Oh well, we made the best of it and I am floored by how beautiful they turned out. But with these two? I should've known. Alyssa had previously told me she was quite nervous of the shoot, that she isn't photogenic. I'm sorry, but would you look at that girl?! I knew she would rock it! I loved her energy and the solo images of hers are among my favorites! I had such a great time with Alyssa + Todd, I can't wait for their August wedding day.

Oh and that ring? I couldn't stop staring at it! I remembered Alyssa's gorgeous engagement ring from our first meeting and I was all giddy when I finally got the chance to photograph it! It's from Amrein Diamonds, owned by Alyssa's parents. Talk about awesome! If I remember correctly, Alyssa's mom even designed the ring. I may have to order a large scale print of it and hang it up in my office. It's THAT gorgeous! Cincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Eden_ParkCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Krohn_ConservatoryCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_SpringCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Brewery_XCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Amrein_DiamondsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Brewery_XCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_PhotographersCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Amrein_DiamondsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Amrein_DiamondsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_AdamsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_AdamsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_Adams_LongworthsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_AdamsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_AdamsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_AdamsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_AdamsCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_Adams_SkylineCincinnati_Engagement_Photographers_Mt_AdamsCincinnati_Engagement_Eden_Park_Mirror_Lake_0029Cincinnati_Engagement_Eden_Park_Mirror_Lake_0030


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