Bridal Party

Funny Wedding Party Photos - Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

I love how these turned out. What a fun way to remember your wedding day. I grow so tired of shooting the perfect portrait. Straight shot, pretty smiles, yaaaaawn. These funny bridal party shots really show the sun side of being a part of the wedding. I love how each photo shows off each individual's personality.

Taking these, also allows everyone to "warm up" to having their picture taken. Often times, people have these ideas of photographers being serious, business only people. Not me, I love interacting and getting to know the people that made the day so special.

Everyone is part of the bridal party for a special reason. Old friend, new friends, family, they all hold a special day place in the couple's heart and I find it so important to treat them just as I would the bride and groom. Plus, I am nosey and love hearing all the memories that usually are being told!