Behind the Scenes Wedding Photo

When I start going through the wedding day images, I can always expect several behind the scenes shots. I love coming across a photo of me doing my job, it's fun! Sadly, I'm not as nice to my second shooters and they hardly ever get any photos of themselves on the wedding day. I really need to change that. Anyways, since I got a ton of behind the scenes from Caitlin + Conor's wedding, I thought I'd share as well as the resulting images. I'm thinking of putting together a behind the scenes post at the end of the season. There are already some pretty awesome ones in there.


Oh hey! Here is one of Luke! See!? I can be nice, too!behind_the_scenes_wedding_photographerbehind_the_scenes_wedding_photographerbehind_the_scenes_wedding_photographerbehind_the_scenes_wedding_photographerbehind_the_scenes_wedding_photographerbehind_the_scenes_wedding_photographer

And I thought I'd throw this gem in there. I try to always photobomb at least one shot per wedding. behind_the_scenes_wedding_photographer