Behind the Scenes

Michaela + Gunnar had asked us to take some photos of each other photographing them during their wedding day. It worked out perfectly since I had not one extra shooter but two! Luke will fill in a few times for Suzy throughout the year and since Michaela + Gunnar are awesome, they let him come and experience a live wedding day. He did fantastic, by the way! Can't wait to have him with me at more weddings! All things started out normal with bridal portraits...


...and some chair moving...


...taking some photos of Michaela's beautiful bouquet...


...and the obligatory goofy bridal party photos.


Once we were done with the money shots, we wanted to venture out a bit farther to get some amazing bride + groom photos done. You see, it was FREEZING that day! A snow storm had just blown through town and everything was covered in snow. No biggie, we would just stay on the pavement...


...until the wind picked up so much that snow was blowing us left and right! We had to huddle together to keep warm so this happened...


...but like the crazy person that I am, I wouldn't let the blizzard destroy my photos so I told Michaela + Gunnar to suck it up and smile. You never really know what you are going to get with me...



Isn't he handsome? It was so fun to see him get really into it.


I just couldn't resist adding these ones. I am a pest sometimes. Thank you to the two loves of my life for being there with me and celebrating Michaela + Gunnar's wedding!