Behind the Scenes

It's a new year and so I thought I'd show some behind the scenes from the old one. They're nothing glamorous - in fact, quite the opposite. I help make sure the people in front of the camera look fabulous, after all, nobody is taking a photos of me! Unless, of course, you're my assistant/ second shooter... Darn Suzy gets me every time!

These 6 are pretty standard. 

These two... not so much. When I'm not taking photos, my true personalities comes through. On the left, for example, I got to ride a golf cart for the very first time (a dream come true!!!) so clearly I was excited. On the right, I am clearly losing my mind.

Before every wedding and portrait shoot, bags need to be packed, batteries charged and cat's to be briefed.

I... I don't even know. Except for the last one - Gotta check my shots!

And to make myself seem not 'so' crazy, some normal photos of me at shoots and weddings

So, there ya have it! Thanks Suzy for always being ready for a classy moment!