Asheville NC


This past weekend we decided to take a short trip to Asheville NC. Together with my mother-in-law we made the roughly 6 hour trip on Friday evening and arrived shortly before midnight. Why did we go? I'm not really sure! I think the beauty in spontaneous trips is that you can't think too much about the WHY and just have to DO. Asheville NC has a ton of breweries and was actually named "Beer City USA" so we spent Saturday roaming galleries and ordering flights. It's a gorgeous little town and I can't wait to go back soon.


Guys, my cat addiction is getting out of hand. Surrounded by gorgeous galleries and I stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take photos of this little cutie in a Jester Collar. He was so adorable. Just sitting in the window of this jewelry shop, drawing everyone in. I could've stayed there for hours watching him!


I just loved this sign! When we get a dog, I have to make me one of these!


See the cat in the below pic? (even though it's not in focus... Lucas...!) The reason I have a picture with it is because he was super selective in who he was going to sit with. Aside from his mommy, he really didn't let anyone near him. That is, until I started turning into the cat whisperer. See? He even has a paw on my leg.

PS: My mother in law is single so if you're athletic and still have hair on your head alongside a great personality and some serious life goals, let me know. Just throwing it out there! :) A fair warning, though: I'm a really tough judge.


Pardon the quality in the next four photos. They're iPhone pics. One of my favorite places in Asheville, aside from all the breweries, was the River Arts District. It's in the same building as the Wedge brewery and houses several amazing artists and their studio. I was actually glad I didn't have my checkbook on me or else I could've done some serious damage.


She wasn't in the studio that day but I fell absolutely in love with Melanie Norris' work. I could stare at her paintings forever. The entire atmosphere brought me back to college and my painting days. I miss it a lot and need to set up some oils and a canvas for when inspiration hits me.


We weren't really interested in seeing the Biltmoore but we still drove through Biltmoore Village. Why did I photograph a McDonalds sign? Because it was gold! An actual golden arch! Not impressed, well, I was! Honestly, it really wasn't worth seeing the village. The architecture is really nice but something I've seen before in Germany and even other places in America. The amount of retail stores actually really turned me off.