Spring Front Porch Makeover

Get ready, I'm about to write a whole post about our front porch. If you're not into home decor, you might want to skip this one :)

One thing I wanted to get done before baby girl arrived (aside from the nursery of course) was the front porch. I know this is a totally trivial thing in the grand scheme of things but since everything else was already ready for her arrival, I had some time on my hands. I am not the type of person that can just sit around, but I knew I couldn't do too much and go into premature labor, so the front porch it was. 

The front yard has a flower bed that consists of yellow/white roses and yarrow. There is another gorgeous blue purple flower but since that gets completely taken over by the masses of yarrow, our color scheme is basically yellow and white, with the pop of red from our front door. The past few years we've had decorated it in a way that just didn't feel like us, but I finally found some inspiration when I hit up our local TJ Maxx and found these yellow planters, perfectly going with out color scheme. 


I then decided to go with my favorite flower - Lantana. There is only a handful of plants that I can keep alive and lantana with its' tolerance for dry soil (I am notorious for forgetting to water) is one of them. Its' flowers are also ombre, going from white to yellow and reverse - win! The plant on the right on top of the wooden stump is fake and also from TJ Maxx! 

Source for everything:

Door mat - Target

Wreath - DIY, all materials from Michaels

"B" Concrete Letter - TJ Maxx

Planters - TJ Maxx

Silver Lantern - IKEA (it was part of our wedding decor)

Wooden Stump - from my parents' old backyard

Flower on top of Stump - TJ Maxx

"Herzlich Wilkommen" Sign - gift from grandparents in Germany

Lantana Flowers - gift from mother in law through Pipkins Market