2014 Business Goals - Update

2014_Business_Goals It's already June! Can you believe it? Halfway through the year and so much has already happened. In January, I listed some of my 2014 Business Goals and I thought it was more than appropriate to check in on how I am doing. Again, it's been an incredible year already and looking at my goals, I think I'm doing quite well. Some of the big ticket items that I thought would take me a while to complete have already been crossed off the list. Now I am ready to see what the next 6 months bring!


Purchase a Macro lens - Completed in January

Blog 2 times a week - I started off doing more blogging than ever but have since slacked a bit. Still in progress

Continue Learning -that one will never be finished

Get Published - stay tuned ;)

- Purchase the Canon 70-200 Lens - completed in May

Expand my advertising - completed (here and here)

Get my finances in check - completed!


I was able to cross off several items off my 2014 Business Goals list very early on in the year. One of them was the purchase of my Macro Lens. I can't say enough about how much this lens has changed the way I photograph details. It's just magical. Advertising was also an easy item to cross off once I figured out where I wanted to take my business. My finances, well, taxes sort of forced me to handle that topic early on as well. Something I will have to continue working on is blogging. I knew this one wouldn't be easy. I have several weddings and engagement sessions coming up that I will share, but I also want to bring a more personal touch into this site. It's really important to me that my clients and readers know who I am behind the lens, and blogging about my life is an easy way to to this. Sometimes, though, life gets really, really busy.

Have you guys set any goals for this year? Business or Personal? How are you doing with them? I'd love to hear about it!