2014 Business Goals


2013 was a huge year for Janne Photography. I shot more weddings than ever before, even second shot some, expanded my lens and camera body inventory and overall really started figuring out a lot about what I wanted for this little business. Now that it's 2014 I want to expand on everything I have learned and grow even more. I have some really amazing and unique weddings lined up for this year, it's going to be a blast!

Before the year officially starts with Michaela + Gunnar's wedding next Saturday I wanted to take the time to do some updates to the business side. This included tweaking the website a bit, getting more business cards, finally ordering another Sample Album and changing my blog over to wordpress. This one's been in the works for a while - and by "in the works" I mean casually browsing to the wordpress.org site and then shutting the browser out of fear. Yeah, that happened. A lot. So this is my first post in the new format, which means anything below this might look a bit funky - just look past that, there is no way I'd figure out how to change it all anyways.

Here is what else I am expecting from 2014:

- Purchase a Macro lens - yes, I've been somehow able to get by this one and still take good ring shots. How? I am not sure. All I know is that "good" isn't going to cut it anymore. I want ring and detail shots to rock your freaking socks off.

- Blog 2 times a week - If you look at my 2013 track record this one is really far out there. I did already make a list of topics to blog about and that even includes a little series! This blog isn't just a place to share my shoots (and not even all of those... bad Janneke!) but I want it to also be a place where current and future clients can keep up with my personal life and get to know me better.

- Continue Learning - that one's a DUH!

- Get Published - that would be a dream.

- Purchase the Canon 70-200 Lens - I continue to rent this one because it's just so darn expensive but with all the weddings lined up for this year and no other larger purchases planned, this might actually be achievable.

- Expand my advertising

- Get my finances in check - that's all I'm going to say about that one (for now)

So there you have it. Let's see next year how much of those I can actually accomplish!